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Check Your Labs!
We now allow you to check your labs online. If you come into our office and get any lab work done and you would like to review your lab work yourself we can have it sent directly to you over the web. If you're interested in this all you have to do is after your next visit to our office tell our front desk your e-mail address and that you'd like your labs sent to you. From there you will receive an e-mail with a username and temporary password. The username is typically your email address and the password will be randomly generated and you will be asked to change it after your first login. Note: Do not share your password with anyone as those people will be able to view your records. Employees at our office will NEVER ask you for your password. You are only allowed one person per email if you have a child whose labs you would like see we can assign them a username and have it emailed to you.

This service is only for enable to ensure you can check your own labs. If you have nay questions about your labs please call the office directly do not message back, as a call will give you a much quicker response.

Once you have all your information you can visit in order to login and begin viewing your information.

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